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Packaged Rooftop Units for 100% Outside Air Makeup Air Systems.

The AAON rooftop units are manufactured to function in accordance with Hilton’s particular requirements.

Options such as hot gas reheat with modulating controls, hot gas bypass, alternative coils and filters with numerous other options including economizer and power exhaust creates a unit which meets the performance demands.

The Modulating Hot Gas Reheat option requires the addition of a reheat coil on the discharge side of the cooling coil and a modulating valve in the hot gas line from the compressor. The modulating hot gas reheat valve allows the moisture removal process to continue, if required, after the space temperature has been satisfied. In addition, for improved performance without the wide swings in supply air temperatures or in those applications with higher outside air requirements, a modulating hot gas reheat valve provides a controlled amount of reheat to meet the actual requirement. For 100% outside air applications, this is an ideal solution since an electronic controller can be set or preset for a specific supply air temperature into the occupied space.



Remove the moisture and clear the air.

Seresco – Latin, to become dry. Seresco pioneered and manufactures the next generation of intelligent dehumidification systems to conSeresco NE Unittrol the humidity, temperature, and air quality for natatoriums and other applications. You can expect more with Seresco Technolgies. We are the only manufacture to include over 20 new innovations as standard features in every dehumidifier purchase.

Humidity problems can be grouped into four general categories:

  • Natatorium (indoor pool) air quality control
  • Industrial/commercial applications (process, storage and drying)
  • Dedicated 100% outdoor air ventilation
  • Ice arena defogging.

Seresco dehumidification systems are designed and developed specifically for each of these systems challenges. Seresco engineers packaged mechanical refrigeration systems that are by far the most effective and efficient method of removing moisture from the air in these applications, offering the largest product range available in the dehumidification industry.The unique environment of an indoor swimming pool requires special attention due to the large latent heating load generated by constant pool water evaporation. Without proper control of the environment, high humidity levels can negatively affect human comfort and health as well as the structural integrity of the facility.

The Seresco NE Series product line of indoor pool dehumidifiers is specifically designed to remove the excess moisture from the pool space, reducing the harmful effects of high relative humidity in the room.