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Etairos HVAC® / Equipment

Some manufacturers are market specific

  • AAON_Logo

    Custom Packaged Rooftop Units, Air Handlers, Split Systems, Chillers, Heat Pumps, Heat Recovery and Self Contained Units

  • Aircuity-Logo_2011

    Remote Air Sampling, Sensing, & Measurement

  • Company-logo-+-all-brands_rev-2-cropped

    Water Filtration Systems/Pep Filters

  • AnnexAir

    Custom Energy Recovery & Make-up Air Handling Units

  • Baltimore Aircoil

    Baltimore Aircoil
    Cooling Towers, Closed Circuit Cooling Towers & Evaporative Condensers

  • Bard-HVAC-logo

    Wall mounted heating and cooling units for Schools, Modular, Equipment Shelters & Telecom

  • Cambridge

    Energy Efficient Direct Gas-Fired Blow-Thru Space Heaters & Make-Up Air Heaters

  • Camfil

    Air Filtration Products

  • climacoolcorp

    Modular Chiller System

  • ClimateCraft-final-logo-NB-crop

    Custom Air Handling Units featuring ACCESS, a custom engineered factory manufactured, field-assembled AHU

  • ClimateMaster

    WaterSource Heat Pumps

  • CCS-Logo-01.jpg

    Custom Built Field-Erected Pultruded Composite Cooling Towers

  • Coilmasterlogo_Color

    Custom Heat Exchanger Coils, Fluid Coolers, and Remote Air Cooled Condensers

  • Compu-Aire_Logo-AIG

    Systems for critical facilities including computer rooms that have sensitive temperature and humidity needs.

  • conserv

    Fixed-plate Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERVs)

  • dadanco_logo-01

    Active and Passive Chilled Beams, Induction Units and High Induction Diffusers

  • dadanco_logo-01

    Custom Heat Exchanger Coils

  • Eaton

    Variable Frequency Drives, Motor Starters

  • Enviro-Tec-logo

    Variable Volume Terminals, Fan Powered Terminals, Fan Coil Units, Blower Coil Units, Central Station Air Handling Units

  • FHP _ Bosch logo

    Water Source & Geothermal Heat Pumps

  • Fulton

    Steam & Hydronic Boilers, Thermal Fluid Heaters

  • Holby Values

    High-performance Tempering Values for Controlled Hot Water

  • JCI

    Chillers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units, VAV Terminals, Unitary Packaged Air Conditioning Equipment.

  • Kelvion Logo Reduced

    Plate and Frame Heat Exchangers

  • Kelvion Logo Reduced

    Custom Process Refrigeration Systems, Medical Chillers

  • Lakos

    Waterside Centrifugal Separators Filtration Solutions

  • lg_logo_1

    VRF Heat Recovery Systems Modular Heat Pump Chillers High Efficiency Mini-Splits

  • Loren Cook

    Cook Fans
    Packaged Energy Recovery Ventilators and Fans

  • magic-aire-logo

    Unit Ventilators, Critical Environment AHUs, Commercial Blower Coil Units, Light Commercial AHUs, Fan Coil Units, Cased Coils.

  • markel-logo

    Electric Heat, Controls & Thermostats, Fans & Ventilation

  • MASON-logo

    Vibration Isolation & Seismic products

  • metraflex-logo

    Vibration isolation, Noise dampening, Thermal expansion and contraction


    Gas Fired Unit Heaters, Make-up Air Units, Gas IR Heaters

  • Phoenix-Controls-Logo-w-Mark-copy

    Airflow Control for Critical Environments (Labs, Vivariums, Clean Rooms, Bio-Containment Facilities, Operating & Isolation Rooms)

  • Pure_Logo_Blue

    Steam Injection, Electric, Clean Steam, and Gas Fired Humidifiers

  • Raypack

    Copper-Fin Atmospheric, Forced Draft High Efficiency Hot Water, & Steam Boilers

  • Seresco-NoTag-Logo

    Dehumidification, Temperature, and Air Quality for Natatoriums

  • Solaronics

    High Intensity Infrared Ceramic Heathers Low Intensity Infrared Tube Heaters


    Hot Water & Steam Unit Heaters, Commercial Baseboard & Fin Tube Radiation


    Lab Fume Hood Exhaust and Heat Recovery, HEPA Filtration, High Temperature Exhaust Systems

  • Taco

    Pumps & Hydronic Components

  • tempmaster

    Packed Rooftops Units

  • Titus

    Indoor Packaged Water Cooled Packaged Units, De-Humidifiers, Water Cooled Condensing Units

  • Titus

    Air Distribution and Air Management Products

  • Unitedener Tech

    Air Distribution Products & Sheet Metal Accessories

  • UVResources

    UV-C Lamps and Lights for Air Quality Control

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